A Collection Of Moments: September

A Collection Of Moments, was my year long attempt to actively notice the changes and beauty within each month. This project started last October and has come full circle. A year goes by quicker than we think. At first I wasn’t sure if this project would continue for another year, but I think not. This feels like the end.

Each month has a definite quality to it. There is an ebb and flow that I notice more. Maybe it’s that I’m getting older too. I’ve experienced quite a few seasons. So as my life began in September, I’ll end this project in September. Because each ending is really just a beginning somewhere else.

+ + +


Pumpkins and apples.

Cider donuts and early eggnog.

My mom’s personal labor day.

Leaves slowly falling.

That last burst of color.

Orange and red.

Jackets and boots.

Losing the light.

Autumn taking hold.