Wollaston Station Renovation

Wollaston Station MBTA train tracks, with a brick wall on left, and the bright yellow line on the subway platform on the right.

Over the years, I’ve often written about my commute. Subway Stories grew out of the weirdness of riding the T.

So. My commute is about to get a bit more involved. I go to Wollaston Station and it’s about to undergo a significant renovation. The construction will make it accessible, according to NBC Boston.

The article says that there will also be new elevators, bathrooms, additional lighting and better stairways. Security will improve and the flooding problem will hopefully be eliminated. The renovations may start next month and could continue through June 2020.

The changes are long overdue and I’m glad they’re happening. But the timing has been a bit up in the air and still seems subject to change. Oh and the main issue, at least for me, is that the station is going to close for several years. Yup. Years.

While I was in the CVS near the station, people were talking about how they wondered if the closure would impact the number of people visiting the store.

Shuttle buses will replace the train between Wollaston and North Quincy stations. It probably won’t be that big of a deal, but will add some time to my commute in to Boston.

The third public meeting  [PDF] will take place Wednesday, June 21st, 6:30pm at the Central Middle School Auditorium. I’m not sure if I’ll be going yet, but I’m considering it. What about you?

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*Updated 9/17/2017*

Just read a Boston.com article stating that the closure will be in late December.

2 thoughts on “Wollaston Station Renovation”

  1. I didn’t think we’d survive Government Center closing although State Street stop was close by. The renovation was worth it as I know Wollaston will be. Your commute will be much longer. Get more reading done, maybe.

  2. Candelaria – As long as the buses come at regular intervals, it won’t be too bad. I won’t be getting much additional reading done, because the extra time will be outside waiting for the bus. If it’s too much of a wait, I may resort to walking to North Quincy. It’s a hike, but I’ve done it before.

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