Recipe: Single Serving Nutella S’More

single serving nutella s'more This isn’t much of a recipe, because it’s only three ingredients and I made none of them. But Nutella is always a good place to start.

It is a recipe, if you believe that a recipe can have cake mix as an ingredient. Which I do not. But let’s just go with it for now.

If like me, you have some random graham crackers, marshmallows and Nutella, then you can make assemble this single serving snack.

It’s rather precarious and gooey. Will probably crumble apart and you’ll need to lick your fingers. But it is just one serving and you’ll be making it in the privacy of your own home, so who’s gonna judge you?

To soften up this caramel covered marshmallow, I punctured it with a wooden kabob skewer and rotated it over the flame on top of my gas stove. Some parts caught fire and got singed. No worries.

I plopped it on a graham cracker. Slathered Nutella on top. Then I ate it. Maybe it’s not a recipe, but it was fun.

Have a good weekend!