The Citgo Sign

Citgo Sign Boston

As I was thinking about writing a post this morning, I found this picture. I don’t remember if I blogged it before, but I do remember hearing recently that the sign might be taken down due to a change in ownership.

The Citgo sign is more than a sign. It’s a way to orient yourself as you make your way around the city. When you’ve been away, it’s a familiar sight that welcomes you back to Boston.

At night, the glow is beautiful. It’s synonymous with Kenmore Square. It’s one of those things that makes Boston, Boston. Like the gas tank on the Expressway. It’s iconic. What used to be just a sign has very much transformed into something else and I hope it will be preserved.

* * *

To generate creative ideas, you have to start from an unusual place. But to explain those ideas, you have to connect them to something familiar.  ~ Adam Grant

The above quote from an article by Adam Grant has also resonated with me lately. I’m not sure if it directly relates to the status of the sign, but somehow they are connecting in my mind….