Farm Fresh Eggs ~ Life List #49

One of farm fresh eggs frying in a pan

The thing about having a life list is that it’s written at one very particular time. As we all find out eventually, the only constant in life is change.

There must be something about May, because I wrote my life list back in May 2010. Well, a lot happens in six years. Some of the things on my list I have accomplished already. Others I don’t particularly care about anymore at all. Or they can happen in a way that I didn’t anticipate. Like #49 for instance.

Gather fresh eggs and cook with them.

I no longer feel the need to gather the eggs myself. But I have always wanted to cook with farm fresh eggs. As far as I’m concerned, #49 is now accomplished.


This past week, I noticed that most of the eggs were gone and it was only the middle of the week. I sent a text to G asking him if he could stop and buy some. He texts back that he just passed a farm stand with eggs for sale. So he went back and bought a dozen. Talk about perfect timing!

One of the things that I noticed is that each egg looks different. Different shades, spots and speckles. Unlike the ones from the grocery store where they are all sorted to look exactly the same.

With these farm fresh ones, the brown ones are mixed with white ones. They are integrated! Bigger too. These seemed extra large. Also they were longer and less round. The yolk seemed bigger proportionately and the flavor seemed a bit deeper.

Now that it’s spring and summer is coming soon, I’m going to be on the lookout for more farm fresh eggs.