Are You Using Turmeric?

Two picture collage, left photo shows close up of turmeric latte bubbles, right photo shows bright red mug filled with the bright yellow turmeric latte.

See that beautiful bright yellow? That color is from turmeric — one of the main ingredients found in curry powder.

Turmeric is all the rage right now. I’ve been reading lots of articles about it and I’m a recent convert.

There are so many health benefits that it wouldn’t make sense not to use it. A Mind Body Green article by describes a few of the benefits.

Recently turmeric has gained the recognition of the scientific community for its potential for lowering cholesterol, reducing blood sugar in diabetics, relieving arthritis, supporting liver function, improving digestion, reducing menstrual cramps, and reducing inflammation in the colon. Its broad medicinal uses are likely due to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antioxidant qualities.

The flavor is quite mild and I’ve been adding it to eggs. I’ve also noticed lots of recipes using it in hot drinks — usually combined with nut milks and spices.

The blog 3191 has a recipe for Spiced Turmeric Milk and Bon Appétit has a recipe for a Hot Turmeric Latte.

I’ve been doing my own versions which are mashups of all of these recipes and depend on the time I have to spend and what I have at home. I’m a fan and looking forward to trying more.

What about you? Are you using it?

2 thoughts on “Are You Using Turmeric?”

  1. I’ve used it for a while on veggies, chicken & shrimp. Haven’t gotten the courage to drink it. Made the concoction & just couldn’t. I am drinking apple cider vinegar every morning in a glass of water. Go figure.

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