A Thank You Gift to Self

thank you gift to self

This thank you gift is for … me. I’m so generous. Thank you self! What a lovely surprise.

Do you read Reductress? I don’t read it all the time. But whenever I do, I literally laugh out loud. A recent article with the title, “Deadline Set by Self Graciously Extended by Self,” could not be better. Below is a snippet.

“Instead of freaking out and panic-finishing the project to meet the deadline I set for myself, I decided to email myself the night before,” you continued. “I very calmly said, ‘Hey, I’ve had some family stuff going on this week – is it possible to extend this deadline by 48 or perhaps 480 hours?’”

After reading this article, I decided to offer myself the gift of another very short post. I can see the NaBloPoMo finish line just over the horizon. And I need a little breather.