A Favorite Coffee I’m Brewing at Home

French Market CoffeeHave you ever tried coffee with chicory? I’m a new fan.

The practice of mixing chicory with coffee has been a French tradition for centuries and is what gives New Orleans style coffee that special rich flavor.

I’ve been experimenting with new to me coffees lately, since sometimes I do my grocery shopping at Market Basket when I do my mom’s shopping at the same time.

Market Basket has a different selection of coffees than Stop & Shop, so I noticed the New Orleans’ Famous French Market brand as one to try. It’s only $4.99 at Market Basket.

Also, a random note, it’s on the top shelf, so if you’re short like me, you may have to stand on your tip-toes to reach it!

I love the flavor and have been buying it all the time now. So if you brew your coffee at home and want to try something new, I definitely recommend it.