The Restaurant List: A Belle Époque for African-American Cooking

A few months ago, when I read the New York Times article on African-American cooking, by Jeff Gordinier, it was a welcome surprise. Yet, it was a great disappointment as well, because there are no links to each restaurant nor the books listed in the article. Nor is there a summary list, which would be nice to refer to later.

Much like the “Big List of free yoga classes in Boston that I created, since it’s a list that I want that nobody else has put together, at least that I know of, maybe I need to do it for myself. So I am creating another list for myself again. But of course, I want to share it with you too!

Below is a list with links to each restaurant named in the article and the locations by city and state. For those of us living in these areas or planning to travel to them, this restaurant list may help us to find some great places to eat.

Hopefully many of us will get a chance to try these restaurants. Happy eating!

+ + +

Salare  (Seattle, WA)

Brown Sugar Kitchen  (Oakland, CA)

1300 on Fillmore (San Francisco, CA)

FarmerBrown (San Francisco, CA)

Willie Jane (Venice, CA)

Post & Beam (Los Angeles, CA)

The Cecil (Harlem, NY)

Minton’s (Harlem, NY)

The Grey (Savannah, GA)

The Fat Ham (Philadelphia, PA)

Sbraga & Company (Jacksonville, FL)

Chef Benjamin Dennis (Charleston, SC)

Husk  (Nashville, TN)

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Photo by Rajesh TP from Pexels