Lemony Sunset Pancakes

lemon sunset pancakes
You know by now that a gorgeous sunset gets me every time. I’m really feeling the lemony yellow colors, so it makes sense that I tried a lemon ricotta hotcakes recipe this morning. It didn’t work out for probably a few reasons. They were edible, but meh. Lately my experiments with pancakes have not been the best.

What I was trying to recreate were the Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes that I had at Cheesecake Factory. A friend and I had Sunday Brunch there about a month ago. They were so good and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since.

You know that I’m all about being a home cook and don’t really eat out as often as most people would expect for a food blogger. But this is one instance where I’m perfectly happy to not make these pancakes again, but definitely will enjoy them when I go out to eat.