On Oreos, Ice Cream + Snow Stress

Breyers Golden Oreo ice creamMaybe it’s snow stress. Maybe my sweet tooth has turned very nostalgic for the treats of my youth. Maybe it’s a bit of both. Either way, I’ve become rather preoccupied with all things Oreo. Cannot wait to try the S’mores Oreos!

When I was in the store recently, I noticed Breyers Golden Oreo Cookies & Cream. I could not resist.  Like most days now, another snow storm was imminent and this flavor seemed quite comforting. It was!

The cookie ice cream combo reminds me of Steve’s Ice Cream from back in the day.

Breyers actually has quite a cool thing going on with their Breyers Blasts! line of ice creams. They have all sorts of cookie, cake and candy combos.

Again, we in the Boston area are preparing for another snow storm later today and I will be doing some grocery shopping soon. I may indulge in another flavor to ride-out the storm.

What about you? Any favorite sweets to deal with the snow?

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Photo Credit: Breyers