Google Doodle: National Batik Day 2014

National Batik DayDid you know that today, October 2nd, is a national holiday celebrating batik? It is! In Indonesia.

I’ve been a fan of Google Doodles for a while and often blog about them. Usually I blog about the Google Doodles that we see here in the United States. But depending upon where you are searching from, the Doodle will be different.

According the Doodle page for National Batik Day, it sounds like a fun day.

Today’s a day of fashion for Indonesians everywhere as they mark National Batik Day. “Batik” is a traditional Indonesian cloth that has roots in the country’s historical artwork. In celebration of their culture, Indonesians dress head-to-toe in “Batik” for the holiday.

There are different cultural events going on this month to celebrate this textile that is important to not only the history of Indonesia, but also for commerce.

I’m trying to think of something similar that we have here in the United States, but I’m drawing a blank. Can you think of a similar American holiday?

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Photo Credit: Google Doodle