From Boston to Paris

Eiffel Tower in ParisOur lives can change in an instant. The horror that happened in Paris yesterday changed so many.  I can barely get my head around it. Like after the Boston Marathon bombing.

The week that I spent in Paris in 1994 was life changing in so many good ways and I have longed to return.

This picture is from my trip. So many memories.

Paris, you are in my heart and my thoughts. Toujours.


2 thoughts on “From Boston to Paris”

  1. I am glad you were able to visit Paris in a more peaceful time. I am learning of friends and acquaintances who are there who I didn’t know we’re there…our global world. I hate terrorism, war, domestic violence, etc. Violence is not a solution and I pray for a world where joy, abundance, work and shared acceptance & co-existence.

  2. Candelaria – I agree violence is not the answer, and it’s so sad that it continues to be the response.

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