Gracenote Coffee Roasters

Gracenote coffee roasters signOn the first day of my current project, I walked past Gracenote Coffee Roasters. I was in a rush, but stopped and noticed the sign. It’s small, simple and elegant. Mostly white space with a red mug in the center and a musical note floating above it. It’s quite a lovely logo.

I figured that Gracenote had been there for a while and I was just new to this particular corner of Lincoln Street in the Leather District. Turns out it’s not just new to me. It’s new!

The cafe opened this past September and it’s the brick and mortar incarnation of The Coffee Trike that I would always see at South Station.

Flat White coffeeI’ve visited this location twice and really love the coffee. I had my first flat white and it may have been the best cup of coffee that I’ve ever had. It was so silky smooth and rich.

When they brew your coffee at Gracenote, it’s a very beautiful ritual that you can watch up close. The only drawback is that the space is very small, so you can’t sit and linger. It’s a cozy space and would be nice to stay for a bit.

Word has spread about this place, so there is often a line. Not very long, but still a bit of a wait. You’ll have a nice experience watching the process. People are learning, asking questions and chatting with the baristas a in order to place their order.

They really make you want to stay! There is a bit of space to stand and sip fast if you want. But generally, you’ll have to move it along and take your beverage to go.

So when you’re in the Leather District and want an exquisite cup of coffee to go, Gracenote should be your destination.